Motor Sizing Tool

You can enter mechanical and operating conditions and select the motor conditions, such as the series, to calculate the capacitance on our website.
Update Information
Brushless Motor BLV series R type 60W and 400W have been added to compatible products.
The motor sizing tool has been released.
Using the Motor Sizing Tool
When using the motor sizing tool provided by Oriental Motor (hereinafter referred to as "sizing tool"),
be sure to read the following usage notes and disclaimers,
and use this sizing tool only when you agree to all the terms and conditions.
Usage Notes and Disclaimers
1. All calculation results obtained by this sizing tool are to be used for reference values only.
Oriental Motor recommends additional sizing be performed to confirm accuracy.
Please use them as a reference when you select a product.
2. This sizing tool should only be used as a general selection guide.
Calculate the operation pattern and other items separately using other tools.
In addition, please note that some factors such as the static friction torque of the electromagnetic brake,
the torque in the current cutback function, the regeneration operation energy,
stopping accuracy of the gear, and the absolute position detectable range of the AZ series are not considered.
3. Oriental Motor is not liable for any damage, disadvantages, and/or problems
caused to users or third parties as a result of use of this sizing tool or its calculation results.
The contents of this document are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.